Just imagine:

  • Hearing a Nobel Prize winner give a lecture on a subject you teach
  • Presenting your research to an audience in another country
  • Inviting an expert to give a guest lecture for your class
  • Watching a live performance of Romeo and Juliet right after your students finished reading and analyzing the play
Now imagine everything listed above-but never having to leave campus to do it. Streaming Media, the process of transmitting compressed audio and video files via the Internet, makes these scenarios-and others like them-possible.

For the University of Maryland community, new Streaming Media capability means expanded opportunities with more convenience. Faculty can broadcast their lectures live via the Internet-and even archive them for later viewing. Classes could be taught to students in other countries-without ever leaving the College Park campus. Prospective students could see the beauty of campus captured with a webcam-all by clicking their mouse.

The Office of Information Technology offers:

  • Consulting services
  • Compression technology
  • Server space to send and store streaming media files to interested faculty, students and staff

Academic Use
Instructors who wish to incorporate streaming media into their curriculum

General Use
Departments, colleges, and others affiliated with the University who wish to promote, profile, publicize, or advance the agenda of their organizations

USM/Other Uses
Clients from USM or from a USM school other than UM

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